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Six Reasons for Choosing Changyu Copper Industry

High quality copper

Six advantages
  • Keep a large stock of goods

    Has a large number of channel inventory for customers to buy at any time.
  • Advanced equipment

    Has international advanced production line.
  • Customer recognition

    Serving thousands of customers, widely praised by well-known enterprises
  • Complete specifications

    Changyu has more than 1,000 industrial copper materials of different specifications to meet different needs.
  • Reliable quality

    Changyu relies on stable production technology team and its strict production management system‬
  • Service intimate

    Changyu has an efficient and dedicated team, providing support for 7 x 24 hours.

Sales + Technical ConsultingAll kinds of copper products are competitive and exported to all over the world.

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Shanghai Changyu Copper Co., Ltd.

Changyu Provides Perfect Service

Starting from customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction, our principle: to provide you with better service.