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Bronze plate

Aluminum Bronze Plate

Product description:Aluminum bronze is commonly used to manufacture gear blanks, threads and other parts and has good corrosion resistance and therefore can be used to manufacture corrosion resistant parts such as propellers and valves. Aluminum bronze does not generate sparks under impact and can be used to make non-sparking tool materials. As a mold material, it won’t produce sticking and scratching workpieces when stretching and rolling stainless steel plate heat exchangers.
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Chemical Composition

C61900 Aluminum Bronze Plate


C62300 Aluminum Bronze Plate


C63000 Aluminum Bronze Plate


Alloy Grade, Properties and Application

Alloy GradePropertiesApplication
C61900It has certain cold working properties and can be used for cold rolling, bending and formingStructural parts such as bracket, nozzle, bearing, bushing, flange, guide valve, gear, pump rod and cam
C62300Good plasticity at high temperature; it can be hot worked, such as hot forging, hot extrusion and hot rollingStructural parts with high strength and wear resistance, such as gears, rocker arms, bushings, bushings, bushings, disc nozzles, bearings and fixed nuts, can be produced in large quantities with stable quality
C63000Good plasticity at high temperature; it can be hot worked, such as hot forging, hot extrusion and hot rollingBushing of aircraft landing gear driven drum and high strength bushing, spherical seat, booster slider, guide screw, driven shaft, support ring, fuel distribution valve, connecting rod and nut for auxiliary structure


Copper plate is a highly stable, low maintenance roofing and curtain wall material that is environmental, safe to use, easy to process and highly resistant to corrosion. A stable protective layer allows the life of the copper plate to exceed 100 years. The economic performance of copper plate is one of the best metal roofing materials.

1) The yield strength of the copper plate is inversely proportional to the elongation. The hardness of the copper plate after bending processing is extremely high, but it can be reduced by heat treatment.

2) Among all the metal materials used in construction, copper has the best extension properties and has great advantages in architectural modeling.

3) The copper plate is not limited by the processing temperature, and is not brittle at low temperature, and can be hot-melt welded by oxygen blowing at a high melting point.

4) Fireproof, non-combustible material.

5) Even in extremely corrosive atmospheres, copper plates form a strong, non-toxic passivation protective layer, which is commonly called "verdigris." The chemical composition depends on the air conditions in the area, but the "verdigris" of various compositions has the same protective effect on the copper. This layer of passive film is very stable and can be repaired automatically by damage. It is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.


The copper plate has excellent processing adaptability and strength, and is suitable for arcing, trapezoidal, cornering etc. in various processes and systems such as a flat lock system, a vertical edge occlusion system, a BEM system, a unit wall plate, and a rain drainage system.

 A variety of surface treatments to meet different architectural needs.

(1) A copper oxide sheet can form a uniform brown appearance.

(2) The patina board is used for renovation of old buildings or new construction with special requirements.

(3) The original copper plate has a gradual change in metallic luster, making the building as life-like.

(4) Tin-copper plate can achieve the effect of titanium-zinc plate.